Original Allottee Submissions

The Quapaw Tribal Cultural Committee is working on an exhibit to honor the original allottees of the Quapaw Tribe. The exhibit will consist of two banners that will be permanently displayed at the museum. One banner will display the final allottee roll certified by the Secretary of the Department of Interior, Office of Indian Affairs and the other banner will display pictures of the allottees. We need assistance from tribal members to acquire a copy of these pictures for the banner. The allottee roll has been posted on the Tribe's website and is also on display at the tribal museum.

If you would like to donate a picture of a relative listed on the Original Allottees roll, please complete and sign the Gift Deed Form (PDF) and submit the form with the pictures to:
Karen Hildreth, Museum Receptionist
Quapaw Tribal Museum
905 Whitebird Road
Quapaw, OK 74363
Phone: 918-674-2619
Email Karen Hildreth

Please submit copies of your pictures as soon as possible.


Quapaw Tribal Cultural Committee