The Quapaw Nation Marshals Service is the primary law enforcement agency within the Quapaw Nation Reservation. Marshals are responsible for the protection, safety, service, and security of all Tribal assets, businesses, government facilities, casinos, members, guests, contractors, employees, and visitors within the Quapaw Reservation.

Our Mission:

  • Provide quality law enforcement, which ensures the protection of each citizen's rights, lives, and property through:
  • Effective utilization of human and organizational resources for improved cooperation, teamwork, and leadership skill building;
  • Creative motivation of individual employees to increase productivity and continuing development of personal and professional skills;
  • Positive involvement in the affairs of the community for enhanced interpersonal communication;
  • Active participation of all employees in organizational development and processing of information;
  • Responsive interaction with all criminal justice agencies for an increased exchange of information and growth of nationwide networks;
  • Innovative application of available technology for crime prevention, detection, reporting, apprehension and incarceration of criminals;
  • Objective analysis of planned activities for achieving targeted objectives (assuring proper expenditure of limited funding resources).

Council on Law Enforcement Education & Training (CLEET)

The Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training supports Oklahoma law enforcement in serving its communities, including enhancing public safety by providing education and training which promotes professionalism and enhances competency within the ranks of Oklahoma law enforcement.

Emergency Response

The Quapaw Nation Marshals are dispatched through the 911 system. If you are in need of emergency assistance please dial 911.

Non-Emergency Assistance

The Marshal front office is not open after 4:00 pm, please contact the Miami Central Dispatch Center at 918-542-5585 to request assistance from a Quapaw Nation Marshal if you are in need of assistance and it is not a life-threatening situation.