Nation Gaming Agency


The Administrative staff has been reviewing the updated policies and procedures that are planned, for MICS and TICS requirements, at both Quapaw Casino and Downstream Casino Resort. The Director attended the quarterly meeting of the DDA receiving updates and information on what's happening at Downstream. The Quapaw Casino QTGA Supervisor attended the bi-annual National Tribal Gaming Commissioners/Regulators organization conference, March 19 to 23, to exchange information on Oklahoma and national regulatory requirements. The QTGA continues to become updated with the regulations from the National Indian Gaming Commission as well as on the State of Oklahoma for any and all State action, and with the OTGRA and the NTGCR regulators for possible regulatory actions. Both casinos are continuing to upgrade their machines and their policies and procedures and we are working closely with them to assist in maintaining the time frame, with the deadline in mind.

Licensing Department

All gaming vendor invoicing remain completed for the annual renewal of all companies, requiring licensing for annual gaming vendor renewals and for vendors during the month March 2018, and/or the calendar year. Vendor licensing is continuous with the annual renewals for all gaming and gaming related vendors doing business with both Downstream Casino Resort and Quapaw Casino. Ending with March we have a total of 466 licensed and/or registered vendors.

  • 2 Construction
  • 43 Gaming Related
  • 16 Gaming
  • 215 Non-gaming
  • 50 Tour Bus
  • 6 Consultant
  • 37 Entertainment
  • 97 Exempt (includes all donations, memberships, and service providers)

We review the Electronic Gaming Machines at Quapaw Casino and Downstream Casino Resort as they enable continuous upgrades and changes that are being made to offer the most popular electronic gaming machines to be on the floor. The QTGA agents are continuing to work on our daily procedures and guidance policies.

Reported March Employee Licensing

Updating renewal licenses at both casinos remain an ongoing priority.

Employee TypeQuapaw CasinoDownstream Casino Resort
Total Employees1371014
Native Americans
Quapaw Members

Compliance Department

We would like to take this time to announce one of the recipients of the Oklahoma Tribal Gaming Regulators Association, Jess Green Scholarship Award is our Compliance Agent, Zach Solomon. Congratulations to Zach for this outstanding opportunity. Our Compliance Departments are continuing to review two new options for futuristic compliance regulations through a standardized shipping and receiving document, proposed by the American Gaming Association called "Three Reforms to Streamline Shipping of Gaming Machines". The second program we are looking into is named GAT, Gaming Authentication Terminal, and a program for additional efficiency. Both Compliance Departments continue to assist with multiple changes to the policies and procedures at Quapaw Casino and at Downstream Casino, as they are meeting changes for both operations and the updates for the Tribal Internal Control Standards. Both Compliance Departments are, as time allows, continuing to work on the internal training information to assist in preparation of the procedural manuals for the QTGA. It is the goal of both departments to assist in making continuous required upgrades and changes and corrections that are required enabling the most popular electronic gaming machines to be on the floor, giving the patrons a more excellent variety of machines to play. We currently have two vacancies at the DCR QTGA Compliance Department.

IT Department

The IT Agent continues to update our systems; he has finalized the Quapaw Tribal Gaming Agency software installation for compliance. Our IT Department continues ongoing computer maintenance throughout the month. One of the next steps on his agenda will be to upgrade storage on our network. He will continue with training to enable us to do proper IT audits and evaluations, as per the MICS. We have also planned on some computer upgrades for the next fiscal year. Trouble shooting at both sites as well as any and all assistance to all agents is ongoing, as required.

Audit Departments

As the financial issues for the Quapaw Casino are now being corrected, the financial system is inclusive of the same system at the DCR, most all of the financial issues have been resolved. Several of the QC departments are inclusive in a plan with revisions, to update the QC as they move forward. The auditors are currently moving forward with all of their fiscal year, required audits, for the MICS. The auditors are very thankful for the cooperation of casino management and will continue assisting, both casinos, on updating required policies and procedures for all departments, inclusive of several special project issues, in addition to monthly promotional and player development documentation.

The Investigative Auditor has been working directly with the Licensing Department reviewing any inconsistencies. He has also been assisting in archiving our past case files for electronic filing and/or destruction. He is also assisting in the review of and/or the auditing of employee files that are to be archived. He is reviewing all required access logs, and the banned listings at both casinos for any and all corrections and/or required updates. He is assisting with licensure reviews and continues to work on multiple investigative audits inclusive of various violations, i.e. patron disputes, procedural/policies, and any other reported compliance issues inclusive of MICS/TICS reports and accidental incident reports within both casinos. We are continuing to try to keep updated on all regulatory issues brought forward to our department.